The AMBIENCE loudspeakers feature a unique design with a high quality finishing and a superior sound performance. AMBIENCE is the ideal system to provide an exquisite and powerful sound to a wide range of movable and fixed installation applications such as on fashion shops or retail stores, luxurious KTVs, high-end bars and clubs, auditoriums, theaters or even home cinemas.


The AMBIENCE loudspeaker series includes four models, the COL4.3, COL8.3, COL16.3 and COL24.3 columns and the SUB208S and SUB408S.
All AMBIENCE loudspeaker cabinets are made of MDF wood to improve its sound performance. MDF cabinets are very common on high fidelity loudspeakers as it helps to improve its rigidity and avoid undesired vibrations. On professional audio instead it’s not so common due to its increased weight.


The COL4.3, COL8.3, COL16.3 and COL24.3 columns are composed of four, eight, sixteen and Twenty-four 3” full range neodymium drivers respectively. One of the major benefits of the COL speakers is the narrow vertical angle of its sound beam. This feature is very helpful to reduce undesired ceiling reflections and have a better distribution of the sound pressure. Additionally, on the COL8.3 and COL16.3, different vertical aperture angles of the sound beam can be selected by means of a slide switch (10°-20° for the COL8.3 and 15°-25° for the COL16.3), allowing to precisely focus the sound on the audience. For the COL4.3 the vertical aperture angle is fixed to 20°.
The COL speakers provide a crystal clear and free of distortion mid and high frequencies, particularly appropriate for vocals sound reproduction.


The flexible installation method of the column can be adapted to various occasions, then you can enjoy the best sound in any environment.



Model COL4.3 COL8.3 COL16.3 COL24.3
Power Capacity 120W AES /240W Program /480W Peak 240W AES /480W Program /960W Peak 480W AES /960W Program /1920W Peak 720W AES /1440W Program /2280W Peak
Nominal Impedance
Frequency Response 170Hz-13.5kHz (-6dB) 10° :180Hz-16kHz (-6dB);
20° :180Hz-13kHz (-6dB)
15° :180Hz-13kHz (-6dB);
30° :180Hz-14kHz (-6dB)
180Hz-13kHz (-6dB)
Sensitivity 99dB 1W/1m 101dB 1W/1m 104dB 1W/1m 105.5dB 1W/1m
Maximum SPL 120dB Continuous, 123dB Program, 126dB Peak 125dB Continuous, 128dB Program, 131dB Peak 131dB Continuous, 134dB Program, 137dB Peak 134dB Continuous, 137dB Program, 140dB Peak
Horizontal 120°±30° 800Hz-5kHz;
60°±10° 6kHz-16kHz
120°±30° 800Hz-5kHz;
50°±15° 6kHz-16kHz
120° ±30° 600Hz-9kHz;
50° ±15° 6kHz-13kHz
120° (-0+60°) below 5kHz;
60° (+0-15°) 6kHz-15kHz
Vertical 20° ±5° 2.5kHz-8kHz;
40° ±25° 1kHz-13.5kHz
10° ±5° 2kHz-16kHz;
20° ±5° 1.3kHz-16kHz
15° -0° ±10° 600Hz-9kHz;
30° ±5° 400Hz-14kHz
25°@500Hz, 12° (-0+2°) 1kHz-13kHz
Driver 4 x 3″ Full Range European Neodymium driver” 8 x 3″ Full Range European Neodymium driver” 16 x 3″ Full Range European Neodymium driver 24 x 3″ Full Range European Neodymium driver
Voice coil 0.75″ 0.75″ 0.75″ 0.75″
Connector 1x Euroblock (Phoenix connector) 42A rated with locking screws
Cabinet CNC made 12mm MDF, smooth non glossy white painting
Hanging side frame Flying: 2 M6 insertion points on top and rear for eye bolts
Wall: 4 M5 insertion points on rear face for swivel-tilting wall/pole bracket,2 M6 insertion points on top and bottom for “U” bracket
Pole: 2 M4 insertion points on bottom face for pole adaptor
Flying: 3 M6 insertion points on top and rear for eye bolts

Wall: 10 M6 insertion points on rear face for Pan-Tilt wall bracket

Product Dimensions(mm) 400 x 119 x 114 720 x 119 x 114 1400 x 119 x 114 2060 x 120 x 114
Package Dimensions(mm) 500 x 170 x 175 810 x 170 x 175 1490 x 210 x 200
N.W 3kg 5.2kg 10.4kg 15kg
G.W 3.8kg 6.3kg 12.2kg


COL4.3 / COL8.3 / COL16.3 / COL24.3