verity iwac220

IWAC 220

The IWAC 220 is a full-range, passive Dual 10”vertical line array cabinet. Careful cabinet design and driver placement have resulted in reduced mechanical driver offset and group delay minimizing the need for time and phase correction, producing a balanced full-range, hi-fidelity listening experience even in the far field.
Subwoofer options comprise the SUB118TL, SUB136 / SUB136T.


Driver complement is (2) 10”Neodymium drivers rated @ 500W AES and (2) 1.73”Compression Neodymium drivers rated at 110W AES. Peak output is >136dB @ 1m (half space). The CNC routed tongue and groove cabinet construction using 15mm birch plywood is finished in a highly durable textured finish. Integral (patented) rigging points facilitate easy and safe setup. IWAC 220 is ideally matched with SUB118TL or SUB136T Subwoofers and Verity V Series Amplifiers.


Model IWAC220 IWAC220i/IWAC220iW
Power Handling LF:500W/HF:110W (AES) LF:500W/HF:110W (AES)
Program Power LF:1000W/HF:220W LF:1000W/HF:220W
Nominal impedance: LF:16Ω/HF:16Ω LF:16Ω/HF:16Ω
Frequency Range LF:80~3.2kHz
Frequency Response 80~18kHz(-10dB) 80~18kHz(-10dB)
Sensitivity LF-100dB;HF-113dB LF-100dB;HF-113dB
Maximum SPL >136dB(Peak level at 1 m under half space) >136dB(Peak level at 1 m under half space)
Horizon 120° 120°
Vertical 10° (1box) 10° (1box)
LF driver 2x 10″Neodymium driver 2x 10″Neodymium driver
Voice coil 2.5″(65mm) 2.5″(65mm)
HF driver 2×1.73″ driver 2×1.73″ driver
Voice coil 1.73″(44mm) 1.73″(44mm)
Exit 1″(25.5mm) 1″(25.5mm)
Connector 2xNEUTRIK® NL4 SPEAKON® parallel LF:±1 Hf:±2
Cabinet CNC made 15mm birch wood sandy wear-resisting environmental polyurea spray paint
Hanging side frame Laser processing steel plate joining together with black paint Have 4PCS Ø10 stainless steel Laser processing steel plate joining together with black paint Equipped with 8x(M6x12)/4x(M10x25)screws
Application Minimum 4,maximum 16 units line array Minimum 1,maximum 12 units line array
Product Dimensions(mm) IWAC220:W742xH287xD425 / IWAC220-4UVTS:W810xH1370xD660 IWAC220:W730xH287xD421 / IWAC220-4UVTS:W840xH625xD390
N.W IWAC220:34.5kg / IWAC220-4UVTS:175kg IWAC220i:25.3kg / IWAC220iW:33.5kg

Verity Audio reserves the right to interpret the above parameters. The parameters are subject to change without prior notice. The most specific parameters are subject to the product manual.


IWAC220 size IWAC220i size