IWAC220P has a good physical structure and good physical group delay correction, so that the sound superposition is more ideal with a new generation of high resolution sound quality;
Innovative hanging design. The preset angle of the ground can directly increase the installation speed by four times;
Innovative vertical transport design can stack transportation, greatly improve the efficiency of the protection of transportation;
Special power amplifier module plug in design, allowing in the suspension state independently solve the accident;
Each drive unit has fully independent DSP control and sufficient power drive, which makes the whole system adjust to the ideal advantage of the active system.
Subwoofer options comprise the SUB136TP / SUB136P.


Specifically designed for mobility commercial performance,compatible with all applications.
IWAC220P/IWAC220IP/IWAC220IPW specificationsIWAC220P

Software download

DP428操作软件 Windows 32Bit

DP428操作软件 Windows 64Bit

DP428操作软件 MAC OS 10.5.8 or higher

Update:      3.8.24 build 125137      2020-01-11 ;
Update:      3.8.24 build 123146      2019-10-11 ;
Update:      3.8.24 build 119488      2019-04-09 ;


Frequency Range LF:80~3.2kHz
Frequency Response 80~18kHz(-10dB) 80~18kHz(-10dB)
Input sensitivity 32dB 32dB
Short term max SPL >138dB (Peak level at 1 m under half space) >138dB (Peak level at 1 m under half space)
Horizontal 120° 120°
Vertical 10°(1box) 10°(1box)
HF driver 2×1″Throat 8Ω Neodymium compression drivers 2×1″Throat 8Ω Neodymium compression drivers
Voice coil 1.73″ 1.73″
LF driver 2×10″Neodymium drivers 2×10″Neodymium drivers
Voice coil 2.5″ 2.5″
Power(RMS)8Ω 2x860W + 2x230W 2x860W + 2x230W
Output circuitry Class D Class D
Electric power 100~240V/AC 50~60Hz 100~240V/AC 50~60Hz
N.W 42kg(IWAC220P)/204kg(IWAC220P-4UVTS) 32.5kg
Hanging side frame Auto-locking Suspension System Laser processing steel plate joining together
with black paint
Have 4PCS Ø10 stainless steel
Laser processing steel plate joining together
with black paint
Equipped with 8x(M6x12)/4x(M10x25) screws
Application Minimum 1,maximum 12 units line array Minimum 1,maximum 12 units line array
Product Dimensions(mm) W742xH287xD513 W730xH287xD514
Package Dimensions(mm) W810xH1370xD660 W840xH625xD390
Processor 24 Bit DSP;DSP Max Delay:5ms(1.7m);10 bands PEQ;Q:0.2-25 adjustable;Bes/BW 6~24dB/oct & L-R 12~24dB/oct Optional;Bell/Notch/Hi-shelf/Lo-shelf/All Pass Optional
Connector 2xNEUTRIK® PowerCon®;2xNEUTRIK® XLR;USB-B(DSP control)
Cabinet CNC made 15mm birch wood sandy wear-resisting;environmental polyurea spray paint


IWAC220P size IWAC220IPW size