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The two-way full range loudspeaker, MUSE series is designed with European customize bass speaker. Its HF is 1″throat diameter compression driver. MUSE series loudspeaker have a very flat frequency response in it working frequency range, high frequency and low frequency have a smooth connection by the optimal X-over point, it’s very good for near field performance. MUSE series can output a very deep and warm low frequency when install close to the wall, becauseof special designed of the vent in cabinet.muse


The SUB series subwoofer used the 15 inch European customize woofer which is specially used for MUSE series full frequency loudspeaker. SUB series subwoofer can output very deep and warm sound when it near the wall because of special designed of the vent in cabinet.
SUB115/SUB215muse sub


Model MUSE 8 MUSE 10 MUSE 12 MUSE 15 SUB115 SUB215
Program Power 400W 600W 700W 800W 800W 1600W
Nominal Impedance
Frequency Response(-10dB) 55Hz~20kHz(-10dB) 50Hz~20kHz(-10dB) 50Hz~20kHz(-10dB) 46Hz~20kHz(-10dB) 35Hz~2kHz(-10dB) 35Hz~2kHz(-10dB)
Sensitivity 98dB/1W/1m 98dB/1W/1m 98dB/1W/1m 98dB/1W/1m 98dB/1W/1m 98dB/1W/1m
Maximum SPL(pink noise,1W,1m) >127dB >127dB >127dB >127dB >127dB >130dB
Horizon 90º 90º 90º 90º  —
Vertical 60º 60º 60º 60º  —
LF Driver 1X8″(V.C:1.8″) 1X10″(V.C:1.8″) 1X12″(V.C:2″) 1X15″(V.C:2.5″) 1X15″(V.C:3″) 2X15″(V.C:3″)
Voice Coil 1.8″ 1.8″ 2″ 2.5″ 3″ 3″
HF Driver(compression Driver) 1×1″ Voice coil Ferrite 1×1″ Voice coil Ferrite 1×1.4″ Voice coil Ferrite 1×1.4″ Voice coil Ferrite
LF section(Ferrite Driver) 1×8″ 1×10″ 1×12″ 1×15″ 1×15″ 2×15″
Connectors 2 x NEUTRIK®Speakon NL4 ±1 LINK/±2 INPUT 2 x NEUTRIK®Speakon NL4 NL4(±2 LINK/±1 INPUT)
Cabinet CNC made birch multi-layer plywood sand texture and weather-resisting protection paint
Hanging 20xM8 flying points 20xM8 flying points 20xM8 flying points 20xM8 flying points
Product Dimensions(mm) W280 x H460 x D330 W330 x H540 x D380 W395 x H640 x D450 W470 x H740 x D520 W500 x H700 x D500 W1000 x H700 x D500
Package Dimensions(mm) W407 x H533  x D357 W457 x H616 x D407 W547 x H733 x D492 W617 x H833 x D567 W797 x H597 x D593 W797 x H597 x D1093
N.W/G.W 11.9kg/14.5kg 14.8kg/18.8kg 20.3kg/26.6kg 26.9kg/34.7kg 33.2kg/41.2kg 59.3kg/68.8kg


MUSE 8muse8 MUSE 10muse10 MUSE 12muse12 MUSE 15muse15