SPINN Bistro & Club

SPINN Bistro & Club is a restaurant and bar in Shanghai. The combination of exquisite and delicious Japanese cuisine and Hiphop music is the best choice for modern young people to relax on weekends.

The Renaissance Super Deluxe Clubhouse has 30 private rooms with an area of ​​about 20m2 to 65m2. The decoration style of the restaurant is stylish and modern, and the open kitchen design adds a layer of space. It gives guests the visual enjoyment of watching the cooking process when they taste the food. The casual, relaxed and unconstrained dining atmosphere is very popular among young people. The Club next to the restaurant is a carnival place for young people after dining. SPINN Club is exquisite in scale, with a rectangular interior layout and card seats on the left and right sides. The combination of cool decoration style and Hiphop music creates a free and unrestrained atmosphere. Every week, special guests bring cool Hiphop culture to the audience. Different forms of Hiphop style let the audience face the most powerful shock of live music, and the atmosphere is warm.

SPINN Club selected Verity audio point source array speakers EVO15 Set as the main expansion of the system, two-way passive coaxial speakers CM15 as fills, two-way active full-range speakers MUSE15P as stage monitors, and ultra-low frequency SUB136R for low-frequency expansion .

            The EVO15 is a high-performance two-way point sound source array speaker, equipped with a large, rotatable, non-opposite angle, covering a range of 90°x75° and a maximum continuous sound pressure level of 138dB. It is a relatively small SPINN Club. the best choice.
The two-way passive coaxial speaker CM15 is compact and small in size. It is hung on both sides of the SPINN Club midfield to optimize and supplement high-frequency coverage. The coverage range is 40°x60°, which can greatly reduce mutual interference during use. , to increase the sound transmission gain. In addition, the two-way active full-range speaker MUSE15P is used as a stage monitor.

The ultra-low frequency speaker SUB136R specially designed for fixed installation is only 50cm high, with a music power capacity of 4800W, a peak high sound pressure output of up to 140dB, and ultra-low frequency energy with super shock and undistorted, fully satisfying the space and sound of SPINN Club need.
In order to restore the entire sound system of SPINN Club with low-latency and high-quality sound, it is specially driven with excellent Verity audio four-channel V4.25 and V4.30 professional power amplifiers, so that the whole system presents a more perfect sound effect. The new combination of EVO15 Set and CM15 has stable performance, wide frequency band and great dynamics. The high-frequency sound is real, clear, bright, comfortable and full, the SUB136R low-frequency expansion is strong and shocking, the overall sound reinforcement system is full and layered, and the low frequency is strong and powerful. The high-quality, low-distortion sound flawlessly showcases the charm of Hiphop music, blasting the audience, creating a free-spirited, hysterical, and carnival music feast for the audience.