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The compact structure of the front can be stacked horizontally and vertically, and can be stacked in reverse to form an ultra low frequency array;
With the design of mobile carts transportation, transportation can be stacked, a substantial increase in the efficiency of transport;
Effective reduction of extremely 30Hz low frequency and extremely flat ultra low frequency response curve;
The appropriative super power amplifier module can provide an ideal low distortion ultra low frequency output with the combination of power;
Unique V-NET product network management system;
fully independent DSP control function make the whole system adjust to the ideal advantage of active system;
Specifically designed for mobility commercial performance,compatible with all applications.


Model SUB136TP SUB136P/SUB136PW
Frequency Range 28~1.4kHz(-10dB) 28~1.4kHz(-10dB)
Frequency Response 35~100Hz(-6dB) 35~100Hz(-6dB)
Input sensitivity 1V 1V
Max SPL >137dB(Peak level at 1m under half space) >137dB(Peak level at 1m under half space)
LF Drivers 2×18″Carbon fiber cone ferrite driver 2×18″Carbon fiber cone ferrite driver
Voice coil 4” 4”
Product Dimensions(mm) SUB136TP:W1060 x H500 x D950/SUB136TP-PCWBKS:W1110xH1150xD560 W1060 x H500 x D950
N.W 108kg(SUB136TP)/139kg(SUB136TP-PCWBKS) 106kg
Power module
Power(RMS) 2x1200W 2x1200W
Output Class D Class D
Electric power 120V/240V Automatic switching 120V/240V Automatic switching
DSP Max Delay 5ms(1.7m) 5ms(1.7m)
10 bands PEQ;Q: 0.2~25 adjustable 0.2~25 adjustable
DSP control USB-B USB-B
Controls DSP Controlled/PLS system DSP Controlled/PLS system
Processor 24 Bit DSP 24 Bit DSP
Cooling forced air cooling forced air cooling
Connection 2xNEUTRIK® PowerCon® 2xNEUTRIK®XLR 2xNEUTRIK® PowerCon® 2xNEUTRIK®XLR