SUB215P is an active phase inversion subwoofer with 15 inch units with two independent power amplifier modules.
Design mainly with MUSE P series, built-in frequency divider and power amplifier module.
Full voltage suitable for different countries voltage requirements with the main volume adjustment.Phase 0/180 degrees adjustable,frequency division point 60-150Hz adjustable. It can be used in KTV, multi-function hall, small activities and other places.


Model SUB215P
Frequency range(-10dB) 35Hz~150kHz
Sensitivity 32dB
Short term max SPL* 136dB
LF Drivers 2x 15″ferrite magnet 8Ω driver
Voice coil 3”
Output circuitry Class D
Power 2x 860W
N.W/G.W 65.1kg/74.8kg
Product Dimensions(mm) W1000 x H500 x D700 mm
Package Dimensions W1093 x H597 x D797 mm
Connector 1 x Locking IEC power connector; 2 x XLR audio input
Cabinet CNC tongue and groove cabinet wood Environmental surface treatment
The above packing dimensions, net weight, and gross weight are for reference only. The accurate values are subject to the identification on the batch of products.

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